Broken, Not Destroyed
Destined from heaven, Sogo and Tomiwa had been friends since childhood. An unexpected circumstances occurred which bred hostility within their homes and put them apart for years. Years later, the universe brought them together and the face of the lion was too harsh on their love. Sogo and Tomiwa went through life threatening situations trying bind their love and dreams but... On another scene was Micheali, Sogo's friend who was not only at loggerheads with his family to follow his dream but also entwined in a love triangle between the Asanlu twins. ? How did Sogo and Micheali pursue their dreams and follow their heart ?How was Micheali able to survive the entanglement ?Was Sogo and Tomiwa's love enough to conquer all obstacles ?What could have been the source of their misfortune ?And to what learnt can the strength of their love be stretched. Dig in the pages of BROKEN, NOT DESTROYED? to read this inspirational and entertaining book. Broken, not destroyed? is a fictional book which is tapered with inspiration, the story cuts across vast themes and ? it seeks to tell you how life is unfair and what to do when shit happens ? it seeks to tell you that it's not your fault when life knocks you down and what to do about it ? it seeks to answer burning questions about love, failure, persistence, perseverance, dreams, aspirations etc
Author : Usman Abdul Lateef Olalekan
Published : 2020
Classification : Book
Age Ratings : Adult(18yrs and above)
Category : Fiction
Number of Pages : 90

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