Diary of a Newborn
The thrills of this book flips the flex of early adults who graced the beauties of Cappadocia in hot air balloons and dived in to the cliffs of adventure. Marigold was a sweet soul who merged the seriousness of adulthood with a touch of panache and finesse. This thrilling short story engages early adults who has a diverse notion of luxury, and adulthood. See how Marigold and her friends kissed the clouds in hot air balloons and made the most alluring getaway season in the region of Cappadocia (Turkey) with drizzles of snowflakes. “Diary of a newborn was inspired by the beauties of early Adulthood glazed by luxury’’
Author : Adesanya Ernestina Chekwube
Published : 2021
Classification : Book
Age Ratings : Adult(18yrs and above)
Category : FICTION / General
Number of Pages : 28

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