Earthly Riches For Eternal Rewards
How much of Earthly Riches do you have? Every one keep acquiring the earthly riches which the Preacher says “it’s vanity upon vanity” and never think of securing eternal reward. As good as it sound to be rich here on earth it has no effect on the heavenly home until you deliberately trade it for eternal reward. Why rich on earth and enter heaven wretched? Knowing the brevity of man’s life, the vanity of the earthly riches and the conviction of eternal home, Joseph Olugboye in his providence writing presents to you how to invest your earthly riches for eternal rewards. In this book Joseph teaches on the following sub topics among others. the earthly riches the incorruptible treasure bank how to give your earthly riches for eternal reward Reasons you must invest your earthly riches for eternal rewards. Earthly and heavenly benefits of trading your earthly riches for eternal reward. The scriptures says “buy the truth and sell it not” This book in your hand is the truth you’ve being waiting for in this side of eternity, I present this book, fully convince that it will help you to invest your earthly riches for eternal reward, make you to enjoy the benefits thereof and prepare you to enter heaven a rich individual.
Author : Joseph K Olugboye
Published : 2019
Classification : Book
Age Ratings : Teens(11yrs - 17yrs)
Category : RELIGION / General
Number of Pages : 88

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