Healthy Kids are Happy Kids
Healthy kids Are Happy Kids is an Interesting book on health education for kids, suitable also for parents and Teachers. It talks about 5 aspects of health -Healthy movements, healthy eating, healthy habits, healthy thoughts and body safety; using captivating characters tagged health Champions which advocate for the different aspects. In healthy movements, there is a focus on exercise, dance, sports and other physical activities suitable for children. Healthy eating discusses nutritious food that help children grow all in a colourful, inviting, spread. In healthy habits, children learn about good habits to practice to set the foundation for a healthy and successful life; while Healthy thoughts help kids build mental resilience and a positive self-esteem and outlook to life. Finally, body safety touches on age-appropriate sex education and children learn about good and bad touch, saying No to whatever makes them uncomfortable and other relevant life skills The book uses stories, pictures, games and other fun activities to teach about health and life skills so that the concepts are easy for children and their parents and teachers to understand, learn and apply.
Author : Anirejuoritse A. Chima-Oduko
Published : 2019
Classification : Book
Age Ratings : Kids(10 and under)
Category : Health
Number of Pages : 39

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