How to Dress to Impress
What's your body shape? Do you know? In this book, you'll learn how to identify your particular body shape. You'll find out if you're a pear, an hourglass, an apple, a wedge or a straight. You'll also learn the tips on the right way to dress your body shape; including the style of jeans and wedding dresses you should wear. How can clothing help or mar your career? How can you dress for success? This book will teach you how. Finally, in this book, you'll be given a roadmap to a career as a makeover consultant, image consultant or a personal shopper and you'll learn how to make money using your skills.
Author : Areta Nwosu
Published : 2019
Classification : Book
Age Ratings : Teens(11yrs - 17yrs)
Category : Fashion
Number of Pages : 26

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