Jimmy Kliff In Jimmy Kris: African Proverbial Wisdom Series
Harmonizing and blending Jimmy Cliff's lyrics with biblical inspiration and African proverbial wisdom. 0ver 200 Lyrics of Jimmy Cliff songs with Biblical and African proverbial interpretations A few here in Alphabetical Order: Been dead 400 years; Brave Warrior; Better Days are coming; Born to win; By the Rivers of Babylon; Follow my mind; Hard Road to Travel; House of Exile; I can see clearly now; Look at the Mountain; Many Rivers To Cross; Music Maker; Poor Slave; Setting out of Limbo; Sitting in Limbo; Suffering in the Land; You can get it if you really want; and so many other tracks and tunes so close to my heart, and to many other hearts, as composed largely between the late 1960s and 1980s especially.
Author : Fr. Kris J. N. OWAN
Published : 2020
Classification : Book
Age Ratings : Adult(18yrs and above)
Category : RELIGION / Antiquities & Archaeology
Number of Pages : 244

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