Mastering the Cryptocurrency Trade
MASTERING THE CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADE is a thoroughly prepared book to guide cryptocurrency investors and newbie on the basics of cryptocurrency business. It is not enough to start buying, holding and selling cryptocurrency, it is of great importance that one knows the best cryptocurrency to buy and when to sell, in order to make profit. This beautiful book has these information that will help you make important decisions in the cryptocurrency business. The book, also, contains different information that are not easy to come by, such as: the basic information that will help an investor to understand ICOs that will not last, information to discover traders and exchanges that are scammers, cryptocurrencies with good fundamentals, and lots more.
Author : Mr. INN
Published : 2021
Classification : Book
Age Ratings : Adult(18yrs and above)
Category : BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Finance / Financial Risk Management
Number of Pages : 48

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