Parental Influence on Youths: A Necessity or not?
The book is inspired by the current trend in the world, dated back to 2012 during my master’s degree study, where I was privilege to meet several youths as well as analyse the difficulties they face with living away from home for advance study. One of the major issues was their inability to retain a positive etiquette due to peer pressure and worries and exposure of life. I was able to deduce from my research, that Parent has a crucial role to play, in ensuring their lads are brought up rightly and stick by the precepts they are accustomed to. There are views laid via each chapter on the roles of Parent, friends, society amongst others and how Parent shouldn’t give up still, on the current state of their children regardless of the damage impact on ground. Parent will always remain the first point of contact to their offspring’s emotions on turning a new leave for a better and brighter generation.
Author : David Olumuyiwa
Published : 2019
Classification : Book
Age Ratings : Teens(11yrs - 17yrs)
Category : Inspirational
Number of Pages : 91

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