Perfect Addiction (Book Two of the Perfect Romance Series)
They never planned to get addicted After a tragic breakup in her previous relationship, Adaora makes a decision to stay clear of the male sex and focus majorly on building her career until she bumps into the charming yet annoying best man of her best friend’s husband to be making her rethink her decision. Arriving in Nigeria for the first time in years for his cousin’s wedding, Segun decides to finally meet the woman he had heard so much about. But he’s disappointed when Adaora refuses to accept his friendship, unknown to him that behind the façade was a woman who has been hurt. Upon discovering about her past relationship, Segun vows to persuade her into accepting his friendship and at the same time, help her get over her hurt and anger until he finds himself falling in love with her. This can be read as as standalone novel. But for better understanding of the two major characters, read The book 1; Perfectly Magical.
Author : Victoria Adeshua
Published : 2022
Classification : Book
Age Ratings : Adult(18yrs and above)
Category : FICTION / Romance / Contemporary
Number of Pages : 143

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