Positive, Healthy & Joyful Pregnancy
Pregnancy should not in any way be endured; right from the point you first realize you have conceived up until you deliver the glorious miracle you’re carrying, you can enjoy your pregnancy. Positive, Healthy and Joyful Pregnancy will happen in your life supernaturally by taking God’s word more seriously, even as seriously as you consider taking your prescribed vitamins and supplements. It happens when you start studying and meditating on God’s word till it moves from acquired knowledge in your head to a powerful consciousness in your heart. This book will help dispel the negativity that often surrounds what God designed to be a wonderful and rewarding experience. The wise counsel of Bimbo Fola-Bolumole shared in this book are from the lasting principles of God’s word that she has personally tested and also shared with other women over the last few years. There have been proven results and mind blowing testimonies of conception and safe deliveries. Discover: • Why it is important to speak God’s word throughout your pregnancy. • The power of declaring God’s word. • Your attitude to pregnancy. She has also included some daily declarations in this book and declarations for conception, in pregnancy, per trimester, for your baby, for good health, for delivery and much more that will help you enjoy and celebrate the very special season of your lives.
Author : Bimbo Fola-Bolumole
Published : 2017
Classification : Book
Age Ratings : Adult(18yrs and above)
Category : Religion
Number of Pages : 67

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