Romantic Illusions
...being young and in love is the perfect romance In search of opportunities and commitment, six African Millennials find themselves spun in a web of illusions... Eighteen-year-old TJ is making moves that would help him score points, or so he wants Mabel to think. While Twenty-year-old Mabel is learning to trust her place in society; she believes having TJ as an ally can help her find happiness. Twenty-three-year-old Debo is living with demons that threaten his plans for the future; managing an affair amongst three sisters might be scary for some, but bringing a baby into the mix is a deal-breaker. At nineteen, young Richard is doing everything to be a responsible big brother and an ardent lover; to achieve this, he has to clear out the thoughts of others off his head. Rayo, miss independent, is not taking being restrained at sixteen lightly, she plans to be big, and bigger she must get. For twenty-one-year-old Tricia, it's all about learning to love. Romantic Illusions is the third book in the Flawed Perfection series by International Bestselling Author, Margaret Adetimehin. The Flawed Perfection series is an African romantic comedy of Millennials who find love in peculiar ways whilst being spun in a web of friendship and commitment.
Author : Margaret Adetimehin
Published : 2021
Classification : Book
Age Ratings : Adult(18yrs and above)
Category : FICTION / Romance / New Adult
Number of Pages : 209

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