Step by Step Child Nutrition
What a child eats before, during and after school affects the growth , development and even the academic performance of that child!! Proper nutrition at each stage of a child's life is critical to the the development of healthy eating habits that will affect the child's learning abilities, lifestyle and relationship with food in the later years. Parents are facing so many challenges when it comes to the feeding of children. Step by step Child nutrition is a comprehensive nutrition guide book that takes parents through the adequate nutrient requirements for each stage of a child's life for proper growth and development from infants to teenagers. It includes mum tips and strategies for navigating peculiar feeding challenges such as picky eating, overeating, malnutrition and deficiencies. The book uses a storytelling approach with relatable stories and practical experiences shared by an African to Africans to help you in raising your child healthy.
Author : Amarachi Okoro
Published : 2022
Classification : Book
Age Ratings : Adult(18yrs and above)
Category : YOUNG ADULT NONFICTION / Cooking & Food
Number of Pages : 9

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