The Law is an Ass
They say fiction is an extension of the factual. Niran Adedokun’s The Law is an Ass, features nine short stories that seem like fictional manifestations of the concerns in his second book, The Danfo Driver in All of Us. In this collection, Niran continues his jeremiad about Nigeria, with stories about sexual shenanigans (both real and imagined), corruption, poverty and deprivation as well as a heady cocktail of other problems that beset a third world country like Nigeria. These stories, told in simple but gripping prose, will hold you in thrall like the tale of the Ancient Mariner. – Toni Kan, author, The Carnivorous City
Author : Niran Adedokun
Published : 2021
Classification : Book
Age Ratings : Adult(18yrs and above)
Category : Fiction
Number of Pages : 146

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