The Life of Oniro: A Tale of Joy and Sadness
This book THE LIFE OF ONIRO, represents the story of the married woman who has to deal with a lot because she does not have a child, and the parent who has to deal with the consequences of ‘sparing the rod.’ No matter how much you love your children as a parent, don’t let them grow above discipline because if you spare the rod, you will spoil the child. The story in this book is a lesson for all, for parents and for children. I have decided to pour my heart into this book and introduce Jesus because as a child of God, you are supposed to be obedient and believe in God. Oniro endures the long wait of having her own children but there are other things that followed through and became a tale of sadness for her. Find out more as you read through the pages of this book.
Author : Owaji-Igbanam Esuiku
Published : 2022
Classification : Book
Age Ratings : Adult(18yrs and above)
Category : FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Abuse / Child Abuse
Number of Pages : 26

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