The Warriors of Oduduwa. The Assassination Attempt
The assassination attempt is a very interesting story that explores the wonders of a major historical event in the Yoruba country. The origin of a unique group of warriors called the “Jamas” skilled swordsmen and brutal fighters. This story also sheds more light on the mystery of Akin`s tribe, that's right Akin. As we progress along this story, I intend to spend more time with all of the other characters in this novel. This story has nothing to do with ?eyi at all, it is cantered on Akin and why he`s so important to the people of Ilu-in? and the village’s economic stability. What happens when suddenly 5 strangers walk into your village and make an attempt to slaughter a helpless hunchback? Will you assist them, or will you find out why they are after such a helpless boy. A warrior will always remain true to his oath
Author : Adebayo Olusanyan and Oluwaseyi BissyAluko
Published : 2017
Classification : Comic
Age Ratings : Teens(11yrs - 17yrs)
Category : Adventure
Number of Pages : 136

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