The White Queen of Okoyong
In Scotland she was afraid of a cow, but in Africa she was not afraid of anything. Here is a heroine whose bravery any boy or girl may be proud to imitate… human lives were scarified to the gods by the demon-worshiping natives. Slaves were killed or ill treated as a matter of course. Children were neglected. There was only one thing that could change that region – and that was what Mary Slessor brought with her – the light of the gospel….So much happened to her that was interesting that you should read the whole story of her life for yourselves…in order to really understand the bravery of Mary Slessor. She is one of the great missionary heroines, and by her devotion, her beautiful Christianity, her courage, her unselfishness, her love for others, she transformed a region of terrible wickedness into a place of love and beauty.
Author : W.P. Livingstone
Published : 1916
Classification : Book
Age Ratings : Teens(11yrs - 17yrs)
Category : History
Number of Pages : 177

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