Unclip Your Wings
Adebola Idowu has written a simple yet immensely powerful book that has the potential to change your life by shifting your perspective. In Unclip Your Wings, she carefully analyses and explains, using personal anecdotes and details from her impressive career that the power to live the life you want is in your hands; that your dreams are achievable. She lays down a blueprint for how to turn your ideas into reality, fantasies into goals and an ordinary job into a stellar career. This book is for anyone looking to transform their lives and careers from the inside-out. It is a pep talk from a good friend, a mentor-ship from your kind boss and a collection of wise words from a learned elder wrapped in one. It has depth and range and it will be well worth your time to read.
Author : Adebola Idowu
Published : 2019
Classification : Book
Age Ratings : Teens(11yrs - 17yrs)
Category : SELF-HELP / Motivational & Inspirational
Number of Pages : 162

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