While She Slept
A young man returns to his childhood city for a work assignment. He is poised to explore the city's pleasures but he doesn't know that a hundred-year-old spell agreed upon by his great-great-grandfather and a powerful diviner will soon manifest in him, changing his life forever. Meanwhile, an evil genius plans a vendetta against his adoptive family when he finds out he was lied to all his life about his mother's death. He has rendered his stepsister comatose at the hospital by pure evil devising, inducing her with drugs. The girl's spirit, divided between life and death, has found a way to free herself from her unnatural state. But her saviour, the only person her spirit can communicate with, only knows little about her to help, since she can't remember anything other than her name. Three fates. The past has come to the present. A traumatic child must find his revenge. And a girl tries to save herself from oblivion..and for all three, time is an enemy.
Author : Kumashe Yaakugh
Published : 2023
Classification : Book
Age Ratings : Adult(18yrs and above)
Category : FICTION / Crime
Number of Pages : 210

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