‘Femi Adekunle attended the University of Lagos from where he obtained his first and second degrees in Law. He was called to the Nigerian bar as a Solicitor and Advocate of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. 'Femi is a legal technocrat with a wide range of experience and expertise across various spheres, including court-room advocacy, part-time lecturing, freelance writing (legal columnist) and as a commercial solicitor. He is currently a member of management staff in one of the nation's leading development finance institutions. He has served as member, Technical Advisory Committee of the National Assembly on review of fresh bills on transport infrastructure.  'Femi is passionate about families. Through the Inspirational Parenting Network (IPaN), an initiative dedicated to encouraging parents and inspiring them to be the best they can, he is with his wife, Co-Convener of The Family Confab. He is a trained parent educator and also a minister of the gospel.  'Femi is also passionate about humanitarian work. He is the President and Founder of The Adekunle Child Foundation (TACF) a non-for-profit organisation dedicated to advancing the cause of vulnerable children. His vision is to be a voice that speaks solution to families.   He also loves farming and travelling. He is a member of the Nigerian Bar Association and the IBB International Golf & Country Club, Abuja. He is married to Adenike, CEO of The Marriage Haven Limited, a relationship hub with expertise in emotional therapy and health. They are blessed with 3 young adults.  


busting parenting fallacies

There are principles and conventions for living that we have dogmatically imbibed which, if we take time to interrogate, their integrity will crumble. I took time to examine some of these dogmas in the field of parenting and I decide to challenge them in simple, short narrations. I have chosen to call them parenting fallacies and in this book, I tackled them headlong. Busting Parenting Fallacies will give you a paradigm shift for more effective parenting.

inspirational parenting

When it comes to parenting, I have a thing or two against rules. In my opinion, the efficacy of rules is not guaranteed in that space. Just when you think you have your child figured out, they show you another emerging side of theirs. Or, believing that you have perfected the rules on one child, their younger sibling comes to test and bust their validity. No two children are the same, even when their traits, nature and personalities seem similar. Ask me - I parent twins. If there must be rules therefore, then there’d be as many rules as there are children! This is why the information contained in this book are Tips. They are time-tested hints with real-life parenting experiences to remind and guide contemporary parents in the upbringing of their children.


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