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Dr. Tunmise Usikalu is a Dentist by training with a doctorate degree in Dental Public Health. When she's not baking, daydreaming or scribbling, she is working away at her day job. Find out more about her at lazykorfa.com

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Even if you do not have a clue about about NYSC, you will discover in this entirely relatable story what can happen when one person ventures into the amazing, challenging unknown - and the strange adventure that unfolds. This is a witty and refreshing recollection of life within the four walls of a Nigerian National Youth Service (NYSC) Orientation Camp that would also resonate with anyone who has ever been through the experience. A refreshing story that will appeal to any new Corper about to enter into Camp, as well as rake up nostalgic feelings for those who are done with it. - Chude Jideonwo, Chief Executive Officer at, Joy, Inc. and author of Are We The Turning Point Generation? This is an amazing, witty memoir that transports me back to 1999 when I was posted to Nassarawa. I love it! And at time when the value of the National Youth Service scheme is being debated, this is a reminder that the lived experience of people must remain at the heart of policy-making. - Modupe Adefeso-Olateju, Managing Director at The Education Partnership Centre. A hearty, honest and sometimes hilarious account of Tunmise's three-week NYSC Orientation Camp. The book gives amusing perspectives on love, laughs, life and... "lazy korfas," all within the compressed space and time called Camp. - Tokunbo Emmanuel, CEO at Sophos Books and author of The Shift of a Lifetime


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