'Wunmi Izuagie

About The author Wunmi Izuagie is a chartered accountant and also a businesswoman. She teaches and ministers God’s words to children and teenagers. She is passionate about effective and intentional parenting and believes that raising the TOTAL child is God’s greatest desire for the family institution. Wunmi is a published author. She is the author of the widely-acclaimed book, "Jumai”. She has also written books for teenagers, one of which is "The Dew". She worships with the Redeemed Christian Church Of God. Wunmi is married to Austin Izuagie, and they are blessed with wonderful children. Email: wunmizuagie@gmail.com

Books by 'Wunmi Izuagie

the dew

Teenagers face different challenges in their daily lives - emotional, physical, spiritual and academics ranging from bullying, stigmatism, body shaming, low esteem, mood swings etc without a clear or definite idea of how to overcome such challenges. The Dew is a dramatic attempt to address and proffer solutions to these challenges through short stories. The Dew is a compilation of short stories that resonate with the lives and struggles of teenagers.

now that i am a teenager

*Now That I Am A Teenager!* This is an essential guide for teenagers. It is a resource material that aims at helping teenagers to understand the peculiarities of the teenage period, challenges and ways to overcome. It will help teenagers navigate this important and destiny-defining period of their lives. It is also a good book to help parents understand the challenges and know how to help their teenagers maneuver the teenage period. It is highly recommended for teenagers, parents, teachers in educational and religious institutions. TABLE OF CONTENT 1. Values 2. Physical Changes 3, Emotional Changes 4. Relationships 5. Schooling And Academics 6. Truths, Lies And Myths Every Teenager Must Know


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