A. Ziat

A. Ziat is a prolific writer, an enthusiastic reader, and an author. She enjoys writing about romance. Her imagination is one of the beautiful things about her. Ziat is creative and loves nature. She enjoys painting and arts.

Books by A. Ziat

the ceo's affair

The country's most eligible bachelor, Micheal Smith is a sinfully handsome but arrogant billionaire business tycoon during the day and a playboy at night with a strong belief that marriage is a waste of time. He never saw himself falling in love. Love wasn't even in his book. Mitchel F. Browne was the beautiful and strong-headed CEO of Zubal company. She ignited something in him and Michael knew he wanted her. Not for a moment, not even as a mistress. He wanted more than that but he knew he doesn't want love. No, he wasn't ready to love... To commit the same mistake his father made. He proposed a marriage of convenience. No love, no commitment, and most of all no strings attached. Mitchell accepted. What happens now when…the lines are blurred and one of them falls in love and starts wanting more?

letters to my ex

Year's After breaking up with the love of her Life, Cielo was ready to move on. She gathered the piece of her life together and started a new life. She dated a few men and she believes she was over him. The man, she never thought she'd part with. What is more, was that the old custodian of Maharshi kingdom had her and her fiance that they have seven life together. History was the old sage was always right but now it looks like she could be wrong as she didn't get to spend a life with him. Cielo thought it wouldn't hurt to make friends with him, and so her journey to the past with the letters to her Ex. But a lot was about to unravel through this letter. Would they be able to handle the truth? And the second chance about to be handed to them.?

a walk through the past

A young African girl recounts her early childhood memories with her family, especially the tradition she had with her father which allows her a lot of insight into what life is. She shares stories and priceless lessons taught to her by her father and teachers. She also explores the ingenuity of sweet childhood memories she had with her friends. This is a story with so many lessons embedded most especially for teenagers as they go into the outside world.


Fantonma is the story of a young girl born during the time of such erroneous belief that a male child is superior to a female child. It was believed at that time that a man is incomplete until he has a male child. This leads Chief Badejo to marry many wives. Fantonma was one of his daughter. A daughter he neglect because of her gender. He didn't believe in a girl child education either. His belief just like every other men was that a female child is to be schooled at home to become a better wife and mother. But Fantonma has a far greater destiny than that. She is the light that has come to brighten what's dark in the heart of men. She is the one to put a stop to the age long belief that women can not amount to much. But her path wasn't an easy one... Still she and her mother perseveres against all odds.


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