Temilade "Temmy's" future with Damola looked so bright until a visit to his apartment late one night after an emergency call caused a distortion in her otherwise perfect picture. Damola thought he's seen it all with the ladies. They wanted the money, the looks, everything he had to offer. Then he met Temmy and he started building the perfect future with her or so he thought. Series of miscommunications lead to distrust which in turn leads to manipulation by a third party, someone least expected...... Now the battle begins, in a bid for the owner to claim what he rightfully terms his and she to claim what she's always thought of as hers.


Mofiyifoluwa believes so much in her dreams, she has seen it so many times when she closes her eyes, she can feel the validity. She didn't grow up rich and understands the divide between both worlds. However, she is bent on navigating to the other side. Follow her dreams, reach for the sky, find love come rain or shine. She has lost so many battles but is determined to win the war. Follow Fiyi on this journey to her dreams.

lost and found

Freda's only claim to love has always been that of her family and friends ( the few ones) . The only time she ventured out of her cocoon to experience love, her heart was broken beyond repair and she disappeared...or so they thought. She needed to heal because the scar was too deep Few years later, fate decided to bring her back to where it all started.


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