provisions for your purpose

This book talks about what the purpose is, that God has a plan and assignments for every person on earth. No one is a mistake here in earth. If God created all trees, animals and so on and they do fulfill their assignment, how much more we made in His image and after His likeness. However, to fulfill this our God given purpose, we must have knowledge, revelation and leverage on three things; 1. Provision of Himself: The scripture says in Roms.8:32 that God who did not spare His son would freely give is all things. 2. Provision of Helpers of destiny: There is no self-made man on earth. We are all products of helps and support given to us by men. David and Jonathan, Paul and Ananias are some examples. 3. Provision of His precious promises: Every promise of God to us is in His word. We need to study and meditate on His word. Our purpose is found in His promises which are in the word 2Pet.1:3


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