the joseph generation

Over the eons, and the dispensations, God has proved to be consistent. The same yesterday, today and forever Heb.13:8. The book is a précis of particularly, the lives of four characters named Joseph in the holy writ – Joseph the Patriarch, Joseph the husband of Mary, Joseph of Arimathea, and Joseph (Joses) Barnabas. These characters emerged at significant times in the scriptures. The formation of the nation of Israel, the birth of the Saviour of the world and His ‘Burial’, and the discovery of a unique apostle – Paul. On this strength, the author proves that God is again, raising a company of people like unto Joseph to wrap up his predetermined purpose for these last days. The book is quite prophetic and insightful. This book is a must read for all who desire to be at the forefront in the last days, working for God. Get ready to be radically and eternally blessed! Get ready to be radically and eternally blessed!

ekballo - position for end time harvest

Ekballo is a call to service. The book talks about the end-time revival and demand to go to the harvest fields of the world. It is a short analysis of the scripture in Luke 10:2, where our Lord Jesus talked about the field white with harvest. God may need to “ekballo” people into the world to bring in the harvest. With recent world events, it is obvious we need more on the harvest fields – more people, more resources, more grace. This book in a believer’s hand is a call to awaken and boldly step out of our comfort zones to get on to the field and be a part of the great harvest of souls. Anyone desirous to serve God at the verge of His heartbeat will find this book useful.

door of rest

All round rest is God's gift for the people of Israel! If God gave them, then He can, and will give us too. He is no respecter of persons. It was on the basis of this discovery that the prophetic theme for the year 2016 was culled as ‘All Round Rest.’ This book is a summary of my studies on this subject matter, and it is intended to serve as a navigator, guiding us to the place where this prophetic vision, and promise becomes a reality in our lives.


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