Agnes Kay-E is a writer of riveting, thought-provoking Contemporary, Fantasy & New Adult fiction. She also is Singer & Songwriter. She still sees the world through rose-coloured glasses. Although the world is her oyster, She's not trusting enough to let the shell close around me – a wedge has to secure the opening. She's not afraid of ghosts but would rather not see or find one.

Books by AGNES KAY-E

the girl from home

bigamy charge, An attempted rape, Three pregnant women. When young and naive Kelechi promised her husband, Johnson, that she would find him wherever he was, she meant it. Giving up everything, she travels to England to be with him. She meets a feisty red-haired at the door and is on a quest for discovery. After a few too many revelations and on the verge of a nervous breakdown, she must choose between love and what is sensible in desperate times.

rhythm of the wild drum & other stories

Seven Tales of hope and unsavoury rewards. A dictator who'll stop at nothing in his search for immortality, and then there is a woman. An independent woman struggles with being single as her younger sister's wedding approaches. A broke girl's dream might just be real. A couple and the chafing of control. All is forgiven when one cheats. Why? An ideal man, two women, and a catch. A boomerang and its hostess.

blossom in winter

Asma’u Verity Gambo desperately makes her way to London with her child to escape her abusive husband, Fabian. There, she becomes an executive assistant to the kind and handsome Clinton.Escaping a second time, she’s found by construction workers hired to renovate the office building, Clinton takes her and the baby into his home. Alarmed by his rapidly growing feelings for Asma’u, he decides to test a theory of his – but he is mistaken for a former Czech gang legend who is presumed dead. Meanwhile, Asma’u’s estranged husband, Fabian, has an affair with a woman named Lizzy who poses as an au pair. Lizzy reveals where Asma’u is staying and reports to Fabian, secretly putting Asma’u in danger. With Fabian hunting Asma’u and Clinton in unexpected trouble with the law, their romance must take a backseat to the danger that follows them. But things take a turn when she returns home.


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