leading change for a culturally inclusive australia: my role as a change agent

ABOUT THE BOOK Leading Change for a Culturally Inclusive Australia is a book whose author, Alice Omaji shares insights on her role as a Change Agent. It is her mission to inspire a similar yearning for diversity in other countries that are still unfamiliar with the concept of inclusiveness, through this book. She believes that we are all strong as individuals, but we will be stronger together as a community only if we use our differences to understand each other better and benefit our communities as a whole. This book will reveal how most brilliant minds possess the extraordinary ability to envision the future accurately; and make it their responsibility to help others around them understand what the turn of time will bring so they may be well prepared to welcome change with their arms and hearts wide open. Diversity isn’t just a concept; it is a necessity. It is our key to survival in the 21st Century.


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