Books by APVA

the rookie guide

Everything you need to get started and get going. APVA exists to appreciate, celebrate and amplify Africa’s Unique Voices, but beyond that, we seek to provide answers to questions from our Point of view. We can only achieve this by creating valuable digital resources like this from the desks and writing pads of fellow Africans like you. If you want to start a podcast, then lucky you. You are coming in at the right time, nothing could be more perfect. If you already have a podcast, and you’re simply winging it, then this can help clarify a lot of things. If you are good at what you do, I welcome you to read this like a critic and share your thoughts and opinions here. Either way, this book is ours and we must cherish it. Do not keep this copy, love it, share it, take the actions written within and watch out for what comes next. PS: APVA stands for “The Association of African Podcasters and Voice Artists”


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