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A woman alone, betrayed and on the run. A circle alive, hunting and on a quest. Bisi, having just cheated death, needs to find a sanctuary; a safe place to hide from those who still hunt her. Darkness falling all around alongside her hope. Then she sees it; a beacon of light, a holy sanctuary. Or is it?

finding redemption

To find is to be aware of a need. It requires seeking, searching. To find is to go in search of that which eludes you but many times it is redemption that finds us. This micro-poetry collection is a memoir, a collage of my journey to finding the peace that eluded me. It is also my crazy, long walk into the fullness of who I am meant to be. I hope that within the pages of this collection as words piled on words your heart yearned for the light and you have begun to find your Redemption.


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