Abimbola Kudehinbu

Books by Abimbola Kudehinbu

the pregnant virgin

Life happens to us, how we choose to deal with it is what matters and makes us stand out. Should we give up on love? What's going to happen when the love of your life who promised to keep herself for you till your wedding night suddenly becomes pregnant? She also had no idea how she came to become pregnant. Tough, and unbelievable you would say? In the face of these circumstances, you chose to marry her. Will he be able able to stand the pressures from both family and friends to quit the relationship? Kunle a young man with a promising future, defies society to marry his heartthrob who suddenly got pregnant but not by him. Will their love stand the test of time? Will he be able to bear the taunts and mockery from his friends and family? Find out these and more from the book THE PREGNANT VIRGIN

touched by an angel

This is the story of a young undergraduate who touched the lives of her fellow students in a strange way despite her challenges. She left them before they all realised she was God sent. This story and many more intriguing ones you will read in this powerful book. The book is a one-stop-shop for education and entertainment.


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