Abiola Orungbemi

Abiola Orungbemi is a final year law student of University of Lagos. She resides in Ondo state with her family. "Not to Blame" is her first book.

Books by Abiola Orungbemi

not to blame

All Yomade wanted in her marital life was her husband's time and affection, but Richard in a bid to impress the naysayers in his life has chosen to be a stark workaholic. As this conflict of interest heightens in their marriage, we see a third party, Raymond, come into Yomade’s life on the basis of friendship. Will it end there or does he have a hidden agenda? Josh's biggest dream is to walk down the aisle with Jade, his beloved. But what happens when their hopes and dreams don’t align? Should he keep waiting for that “yes” that seems to never come? While waiting, his path crosses that of Motunrayo, a young divorcee who thinks life doesn't have anything to offer her again. How will Josh tread the water of helping her get her life back while controlling the feeling that is slowly rising between them? Will hearts end up breaking or will they be restored?


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