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don't let that crush crush you

In Don't Let That Crush Crush You, Funto Abioye delves into a matter in the heart of all young people and a nut many parents find difficult to crack—crush. The book has six chapters. Chapter one provides an overview of the transformations everyone undergoes from childhood to puberty. Chapter two deals with the heart of the matter: Crush, “the feeling of attraction or longing for companionship with the opposite sex.” It’s natural because it’s God’s way of preparing adolescents for the future. In chapter three, Funto admonishes young people to focus on building their lives by discovering themselves, understanding their purpose in life, reading good books, getting an education and pursuing their dreams. She speaks privately to the girl-child in chapter four, telling her she is beautiful and special, and explaining how she can handle pressure from boys. Speaking to the boys in chapter five, she laments the lack of training for young men and the chauvinistic system that breeds “weak, spineless, lazy and bossy men.” The book ends in chapter six by arguing that “all-round maturity is a basic requirement for marriage.” Interestingly, these six chapters are thrice interposed with survey reports of 58 respondents from eight countries in which respondents share their thoughts and experiences on crush, and their advice for younger folks. Although the book is focused on teenagers and young adults, parents will find it an indispensable resource for counselling. Its intellectual depth, spiritual balance and sociological relevance make it a worthy read for everyone.


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