Abisola Akinola-Babatunde

Abisola Akinola-Babatunde is a motivational and inspirational teacher. She is God's mouthpiece who has served in various leadership capacities with youths and she strongly believes in raising young people of integrity. She had her undergraduate studies in History and International Studies at the University of Ilorin, Nigeria. She is a Masters graduate of International Relations from Cyprus International University, TRNC. She has received extensive training from prestigious institutions in Nigeria, Europe, America and Australia. Some of the trainings are: Creative Problem Solving from University of Minnesota-USA; International Leadership and Organizational Behavior from Bocconi University-Italy; Entrepreneurship and Family Business from RMIT University-Australia; Management of Fashion and Luxury Companies from Bocconi University; Foundational Principles of Teaching English (TESOL) at Arizona State University-USA; Basic Certificate in Leadership at Daystar Leadership Academy (DLA)-Nigeria. She is a writer, a student of World Video Bible School, an Executive Partner of PATRAL and CAAVAC Global Resources. She is married to Akinola Babatunde and blessed with a son, Dexstar.

Books by Abisola Akinola-Babatunde

made to make it

Only people who don't have plans to move forward will most probably have a stress free journey. This is primarily because they would just be on a particular spot. They wouldn't have to face stumbling blocks, road bumps, traffic, turning and so on. The bitter truth is that challenges are inevitable and the road to success is full of adventures. ‘Made To Make It’ is a book specifically designed to coach and inspire everyone who desires success and a fulfilled life. It gives hope and encouragement to anyone who is going through or will go through difficult times at one point or the other. Anyone can make it, no matter the situation. This book is a reminder that life is a precious gift and God has provided everything needed to live life to the fullest. It also talks about the need to selflessly care, love people, and the importance of having a forgiving heart. In this book, you will find that you can't afford to compromise your stand and integrity for God no matter what. You will learn how to maximize waiting time and understand divine timing. In addition, it shows that in everything, we need God; His divine help is inevitable. You will be propelled to see the need to stand up, challenge your challenges and celebrate strength instead of capitalizing on your weaknesses.


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