Abuh Monday Eneojo

Abuh Monday Eneojo is a Nigerian poet, author, teacher, and blogger. Born in 1995, Ilorin, Nigeria. He expresses his thoughts in his write-ups which talks about things that affects him. His poems have been aired on Channels TV's Art House hosted by Melinda Akinlami and published on an international literature magazine in the United States of America. He is of the Igala descent in Kogi State. Monday bagged his bachelor's degree in English and literary studies at Kogi State University where he started his creative journey as a writer with his first anthology and also received his first recognition as the best poet in Kogi State University in 2019. After publishing two anthologies, he gathered like-minded poets in Kogi State in the late months of 2020 and published their poems in his third anthology which he titled 'Pieces of the confluence'. According to him, Pieces of the confluence was a project aimed at giving poets of the confluence a voice and validation. Monday is also the social media director and producer at Daily Wisdom Words LLC, a U.S based writing community, where he engages the minds of writers. His books are available on Amazon and Okadabooks. You can follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook via @Mondaydpoet.

Books by Abuh Monday Eneojo

written in lagos

Written In Lagos is a compilation of Short Stories by Abuh Monday Eneojo. It comprises of six stories that span from the writers imagination and experiences. The first story, Black Sheep, in the book exposes the tumultuous ordeals of humans who try to survive the excesses predominant in Lagos State, a State known for its myriad business opportunities. It also brings to light the after effects of the popular End SARS protest in Nigeria. Other stories in this book: Counter Belief, I still Remember, See My Yansh na!, She Can Woo Me, Teddy addresses issues such as posterity, supernatural beliefs, love, feminism, patriarchy, mental health, etc.

piary: diary of a pensive poet

Piary is a collection of poems that shows the dynamic nature of a young man whose identity takes not a spell when it comes to unanswered questions in the society and unsaid beaut of nature. This book of poems features an ancient poetic form which is on its own beautiful when used properly. It is called ACROSTIC POETRY. It also gives an account of what the world has turned into as it talks about sex, identity, culture, religion, feminism, fame and other vices the poet faced. The word 'Piary' was coined from 'poems' and 'diary' by the poet. If you ask the poet what 'Piary' means, he will tell you it means 'a poetic diary'.

igala women

In the play, Igala Women, little regard is given to women from what is perceived to be the acceptable demeanor of a man in the heart of a village in the Northern Parts of Nigerian. Aduke, Ajifa, and Iye Rekiye who represents a chunk of women who desire freedom from silence, domestic violence, emotional trauma and abuse, fight dearly for it after discovering that all they had believed to be true culture may as well as be regarded as untrue and fake. This comes to them after weighing what they had to suffer and bear just so they will not be punished by the gods of the land. They are angry. They want freedom from it all and the only way this can be achieved is by taking the bull by its dreary horn without looking back.


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