Achalugo Chioma E

Achalugo Chioma E. has explored her storytelling via several mediums of expression -photography, film/TV and stage. She is a culture enthusiast and infuses elements of this in her work, exploring old and evolving African beliefs and traditions. She has been published in several magazines and online journals, her previous works have been shortlisted and awarded prizes, including the ANA prize for Drama. Achalugo attended Queens College Yaba, studied Law at the University of Lagos, obtained her B.L from the Nigerian Law school and a Professional Diploma in Advertising. Her debut novel –Mmirinzo: the ones who are rain, was released in 2020, Winepress Publishing. She is the first female winner of the Beeta Prize for Playwriting, after winning the third edition of the prize in 2020 for her play ‘Daughters of the East.’ Daughters of the East was published in 2021 by Paperworth books. She lives in Lagos and often enjoys cheating the traffic with her motorcycle.

Books by Achalugo Chioma E

mmirinzo: the ones who are rain

At Rootz Legal, Olivia navigates an impressive career as a Lawyer but walks around on eggshells at home -where her days are plagued with insinuations that she is not happy about the impending marriage of her younger sister. She suddenly begins to suffer unexplained blackouts, in a twist of fate, an alternate universe reveals that Olivia is an Mmirinzo: a special breed of Igbo rainmakers. It is a revelation that strangely appeals to her; even as it throws her life into an upheaval from which she has to come out unscathed before her twenty-eighth birthday. Olivia must regain her life’s balance by submitting to the calls of the rainmakers while juggling her participation in the wedding plans, a jostle for a promotion at work and the pursuit of unexpected love interest. This stunning debut explores predestination and reincarnation in contemporary Nigeria, where pre-colonial African beliefs have been overrun by the joneses of the Western World


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