Adam Berke

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the retargeting playbook: how to turn web-window shoppers into customers

     Retargeting is a complete guide for digital marketers about how to reach the between 95-98% of people who leave a brands website without converting.  Retargeting gives advertisers the ability to stay in front of those people to bring them back and close the deal.  For that reason, retargeting has emerged as a must have marketing channel, yet there is a lack of content that explains how the technology actually works and best practices for using it.  Even marketing managers at large, sophisticated brands and agencies dont have a strong grasp of this evolving channel, and there are few good neutral sources on the topic.  Meanwhile, retargeting is the cornerstone of any holistic digital advertising strategy since it improves the results of every other channel if implemented correctly.  Unfortunately, most marketers are only utilizing the most rudimentary retargeting tactics and barely scratch the surface of its potential.  This book will be required reading for media buyers at digital agencies, in-house marketing managers at companies in any vertical, performance marketers, and ecommerce managers.      There are no neutral authoritative sources of information on retargeting.  Today, marketers rely on gleaning information from myriad blog posts that touch on various aspects of the topic, but there is no single definitive source that pulls all of the key information together.  AdRoll currently has over 10,000 active customers and they have run hundreds of thousands of retargeting campaigns across all industry verticals.  They will be able to provide real world case studies from leading brands like Adobe, Air New Zealand, American Apparel, Go Pro, Overstock.com, Saks Fifth Avenue, Salesforce.com, 21st Century,TOMS Shoes, and many others.


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