Adaobi Ezeadum

Books by Adaobi Ezeadum

the woman within: real women! real stories!

The book “The Woman Within” seeks to showcase the inner strength innate in us. It x-rays the lives of few women from different works of life, tribes, countries and beliefs. It shows how we can rise up again and continue fulfilling purpose and living out our best potential despite the many unpleasant curveballs life throws at us. The goal of this book is to get you to take a leap of faith and look inward to observe how powerful the woman within you really is. Every woman will definitely go through challenging times and this is true for everyone (not just women). However, how we navigate through it is what matters. After reading this book you will awaken the woman within you so that you will realize that no matter how tough the journey gets, you will not give up! It is okay to rest, but it will be disadvantageous to us to quit when we have not fully become the best version of ourselves.


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