Ade Lero

Ade lero is a young writer with an enthusiasm for making a difference especially amongst the young people in his environment. His interests lie in using the arts as a means to drive development and mindset changes in the minds of the many youth around him. Ade lero is a known author and blogger as well as a pharmacist. He has authored several released works such as (www.adelero.wordpress.com) - The precinct franchise; a summation of 3 different online series. - Native strides (An online series) - Game of lies (An online series) - Dejected (A Novella) - El Pensamiento (An Anthology) - Two flash fiction series - Ariwo - Enitan (a sequel to ariwo) - Out of Love (A Novella) - Gone to Love (An Anthology) He has also contributed to the art community with various pieces with his poem ‘Her Pain.’ (Featured in this anthology) A poem for sickle celled disease being featured on the spring literary award page. Some other contributions also include Matrix; The premier and Matrix; La penultima. As well as Syrups and Nebules. Connect on social media Twitter: @therealadelero Instagram: @ade__lero Facebook: ade lero, story island.

Books by Ade Lero


Ariwo is a flash fiction compilation. The shouts from a hut is the chaos of a people. Join this traditional world and its customs on a short but interesting ride to find out who Asake is and why the whole village dreads her.


Dejected tells the story of a young Nigerian whose pursuit of his dreams have led him to rock bottom. The story explores the difficulty of being a young Nigerian graduate and making it as an entrepreneur in Nigeria. You would meet this young man amidst his troubles in an unstable family with his friends his major source of support. The options life gives us are the reasons we are who we choose.

native strides

Native strides is a love story. The thought of finding love is always a sacred one for many, but finding it is a reward for a few. This story exploits the difficulties of being a young Nigerian graduate and seeking proper employment in Government parastatals. It explores complexities of a polygamous home and sibling relationships in such homes. The most important question though is one of the strength of the family bond when secrets become known and when the siblings find love in the same man.

out of love

We all make mistakes but what do we do when they cost us love? How do we find love in pain. This book explores the complexities of forced marriages when love already exists elsewhere. What to do in cases of abuse.

gone to love

Thanks for deciding to go on this journey with me yet again. The making of this anthology was quite the thing because of what it entails. I trust that its probably the best thing to happen to poetry in a few months if not years.

memoirs of creation

A collection of Poems

el pensamiento

El Pensamiento is Ade Lero's first personal anthology having co-authored an anthology- Matrix. A contributor in many pieces of art collections, Ade Lero is set to contribute his quota to the arts in this country.


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