Ade Olushola

Books by Ade Olushola

the greatest faith ever

Faith is the survival tool for every Christian. It is the victorious song of every over corner. Faith is a must-have, "...for he that cometh to God must believe..." Heb11:6, commanded by the Sovereign God, necessitated by multiple adversaries and exercised by renowned patria rchs. Acts 6:8 says that Stephen, full of faith and power, did great wonders and miracles among the people. God wants to work wonders and miracles through you if only you can believe. In this book, you will learn: • Why faith is a must-have • How to walk in the greatest faith ever • The proof of faith

oh lord! what is wrong with my husband?

The enormous influence a woman possesses and how this strength can be channelled to win over the divers difficulties encountered in marriage. This book will help you: Prepare adequately for some of the challenges of marriage especially if you are still single Identify potential obstacles likely to be encountered and how to deal with such obstacles Discover some practical insights and principles that make a marriage work Uncover biblical truths that will take you back to the old path and make your marriage heaven on earth


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