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choosing the right course of study

It is the desire of every parent that their children get rightly educated and it is the desire of every child too. This means that there will definitely be a certain stage in the life of every child when they will have to choose the course of study since it serves as a foundation for their career development. It has been discovered that most children get confused at this stage due to lots of influences around them such as their family members, especially their parents, and teachers. This book was written as a guide for children, teachers, and parents who all have roles to play in the process of choosing a course of study. In this book, you will get an understanding of the roles to be played by the child, teachers, and parents. You will also get to know the benefits and consequences of choices. Likewise, highlighted in this book are the practical steps to take when your parents express their disapproval of your choice as a child and the steps parents should take in communicating their disapproval of their children’s choices. Finally, Adedolapo shared her story with lessons you can learn and mistakes you can avoid on your journey to choosing a course of study. This book is a must read for every child who wants to be at their best in their career, parents who want the best for their children, and every teacher who wants to see their students performing excellently at the top. At the end of your reading, you will have been armed with the right information you need to make the right choice.


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