Adedolapo Ilaboya

Adedolapo Ilaboya is the founder of Outstanding Child (A vibrant blogging and Podcaster where raising outstanding children through positive confessions are shared and discussed weekly). Having waited for years before conceiving her first child, she has dedicated her life to teachings on raising godly and outstanding children in the family, society and the world. She is a lover of God, a wife and a mother.

Books by Adedolapo Ilaboya

while waiting

“Children are an heritage of the Lord: the fruit of the womb is his reward.” Psalm 127:3 Emmy and I used to remind ourselves of these words during our waiting season, especially when our case as explained by the doctor to us was unexplained infertility. Research has shown that 10 percent of women (6.1 million) in the United States aged 15-44 have difficulty getting pregnant or staying pregnant, according to centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). While at least 50 million couples worldwide experience infertility, according to Global prevalence infertility data, some can be explained while some are unexplained infertility. Just like us, there are couples all over the world today who came to that same realization of infertility. Trying to conceive comes with its challenges and struggles. The inability to help yourselves makes it even more challenging. Some couples describe it as long years of heartbreaking failures while others say it makes them feel inadequate. Like us, we agreed to quit the why us questions, to quit complaining, murmuring, and wailing even when it sometimes sounds logical to do these things. We accepted the reality of infertility in our marriage and decided to embrace our waiting season. The courage to wait patiently whilst our attitude were tested during this season made us stronger together facing each day, month, and years with hope knowing that we also will be joyful parents. We held on to God’s words concerning children and knowing His will for us is to have them surround our table. Emmy and I kept hoping and trusting God for our children. We moved from being a worried couple to a thankful couple. We were grateful for life, the beautiful people, and things within and around us. We deliberately refused to accept the infertility report but held on to the truth in God’s word. Sooner than we know, our peace was restored, and our joy was full when we heard the heartbeat of our child. While Waiting is written to give hope to waiting parents and encourage them through this waiting period. As you go through this period, may you be strengthened emotionally, physically, and spiritually while you enjoy this phase of your life knowing that it will end in joy.

abcs of who i am: reaffirming your child's character

ABC's of Who I Am is a reaffirmation book that explores the awesome character your little child can showcase over time. From being authentic to being zealous and everything in between. This book will help to build great self-esteem in your little child's life right from childhood.


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