Adegoke Damilola

Adegoke damilola Ephraim best known as Ed Adegoke is a young creative studying Performing Arts at the Olabisi onabanjo University ago iwoye ogun State born on the 10 of November 1998 from ilesha west local government osun State Nigeria. Ed Adegoke is an Artist who prefers to be described a Messenger of Art, he's a professional Artist whose Art is based on the socio political problems, rich in satire about Religious bigotry, promoting Pan Africanism,Violations of the fundamental human Rights and many other societal ills, he's featured in several Art exhibitions and has even had a solo exhibition to his name. Ed Adegoke is also a writer and a researcher of which has really helped him in producing powerful works that have wowed his audience. And of cause yes with a deep and standard knowledge of the African literature, He's about to publish his first book which is an Anthology entitled; 21"My Predicaments" as he's about clocking 21. The books is a collection of 21 poems that centers on the struggles of his life and the spec for a brighter future, as he also shares the pains and buddens of growing with grief in the African society and the necessity to keep striving for a better future.

Books by Adegoke Damilola

21 my predicaments

Self discovery is a consecutive search that is many times complementary with survival, for the rational man. E.d Adegoke avails the reader of entering into him, to see the world from his lenses and his heart. This is an applaudable work of youth reeling in ignorance, a few certainties, innocence, euphoria, love, some kindness through truth advocacy and philosophical scepticism. This is a journey of lacing years into pages of love, kindness, humility, openness, and confidence in a seemingly strait laced style, with some reasonable cynism and concern for humanity. This work however has been unable to feign or achieve deception with it's tone of importance, neediness and urgency to man. It can be likened to an advice from someone who once had the opportunity to die and also live again. It not only tells us how he lived, what he saw, of his resolve, but also of his hopes and most especially his research into man's long lived metaphysical enquiry and things he holds as truths. It is martyr-like to nail oneself on a book as this, this is why I cannot but reiterate the scent of love, kindness and concern on this piece. Involve yourself in how he told stories with time, about time and into time. ONIORORO


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