Adekola Temitayo

Books by Adekola Temitayo

scourge: in the mind of esan

It began much like everyone; a hopeful melanin girl born to a world of endless possibilities. Her diligence in her education paves the way for great opportunities and a bright future for her. She was suddenly confronted by those who sought to eclipse what light she had found because of a bet and green-eyed. As the darkness came for her, wrapped in an intoxicating and unexpected embrace. The innocent melanin girl began her journey into the mind of vengeance. _Esan_

the cataclysm of july thirteen

Rapada's and his colleagues' deaths have left an unfillable gap. No one in Kuye will ever be able to replace these individuals. Tears stream down their cheeks as they recall every thought and memory, as they recall the terrors and invasions that threatened their freedoms and lives: They owe their freedoms and lives.

mirror image

When two men: who are doppelgängers, one hailing from Nigeria and the other from Lesotho, find their lives intertwined by a vehicle accident, they discover a world beyond their wildest imaginations. Mistakenly transported to each other's countries, they experience the lives of their doppelgängers. As the Nigerian man navigates the challenges of Lesotho and the Lesotho man grapples with the complexities of Nigeria, uncover hidden truths and a deep desire to protect their newfound homes. Will their parallel destinies converge, or will the boundaries between their worlds forever separate or bring them together?


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