Adelowo Oluwaseyi

A minister of God, a multi-faceted and skillful social media expert. Matthew is a Youtuber. He has served in many capacities in churches as a singer, instrumentalist, and computer operator. He headed the I.C.T. department of the International Church Growth Ministry for 13 solid years. Oluwaseyi himself has attended lots of training and still studying. He has served as a trainer to many personnel in the care of the Recording Section of many churches and ministries across Lagos. He has facilitated tens of Online training, Audio, and Video recordings of lots of church?s services and meetings. He is married to Busola and their union is blessed with children.

Books by Adelowo Oluwaseyi

church and social media today

Many have wondered about the secret behind some churches with lots of followers. Some church leaders and ministers have even questioned if it is alright for churches to graduate their services online or it is a mark of the end-time. Well, the outbreak of COVID-19 in the year 2020 had given an answer and made Christians and church leaders that want to be relevant with the gospel message know that social media is the present-day avenue to swiftly take the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to billions of people that spread across the globe. Oluwaseyi Matthew Adelowo, in this book, has itemized the benefits of social media to churches of the 21st Century, the various media avenues which help churches take their meetings and services to a large audience online beyond the audience physically present. You can be sure that you will learn a lot from this book.


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