Adenike Oni

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As an Eritonian, Araye didn't expect that her meeting with the crown prince would be the beginning of her trials. Webs of deceit and betrayal drive a hole into her heart and she finds herself doubting everything she holds dear. Will she be able to stay true to her heart when the final tragedy strikes?


Members of the royal family are in a dilemma as there are rumours of Prince Dovian's return all over the capital city. No one except Drella knew the truth about the prince. Find out what happens when the healer's heart chose a path of its own.


Prince Dovian has never been faced with a more difficult decision. He has to get married to a bride chosen by his deadliest enemy or risk the life of the one he loves. When his plan to save his betrothed fails, he has to make another plan. One that included a marriage that would change everything.


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