Adepoju Isaiah Gbenga

Adepoju Isaiah Gbenga is a teen poet writing from Osun State. He/him/his, liking his vision of attaining an extraordinary point with his poetry. He works as an intern for the International Model of The United Nations.

Books by Adepoju Isaiah Gbenga

alagemo, a collection of poems

ALAGEMO interrogates abstract symbols through metaphors, allusions, a temporal rentage of the metaphysic or how the latter affects the empirical with mystic artefacts: loss, recrimination, spiritual incoherence, morbidity, and all that accrues to aesthetic hallucinogene, which, akin to Yoruba interpretation of Agemo (chameleon), means frequent denial of present situation and grieving, however subdued. ALAGEMO is an interrogative dialogue from a debutant!


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