Adesuwa O'man Nwokedi

Investment banker by day, romance writer by night, Adesuwa O'man Nwokedi began writing by accident and what started as a few scribbles for friends has led to 15 titles...and counting. A self-described hopeless romantic, when she's not creating new characters, she's a loving wife and mom of three.

Books by Adesuwa O'man Nwokedi


The story of Golibe...a young woman who embarks on a mission to find her birth parents...but instead finds herself on a journey of love and self discovery.

accidentally knocked up

After enduring a traumatic childhood and a very volatile long-term relationship, Ose finally finds her life falling into place. She meets and falls in love with the perfect guy, and things couldn't be better. Or so she thinks...until a drunken encounter leaves her accidentally knocked up!

the love triangle

Fola loves Jimi. Jimi loves Dolly...or Fola...or Dolly. The epic love triangle between the sisters and Jimi, that lasted two decades.

you used to love me

After a tumultuous marriage, where she suffered emotional, physical and psychological abuse comes to a violent end, Cheta is determined to begin her life anew. Alas, she is haunted by her past...and it threatens to destroy any chance of happiness in her future...

faith's pregnancy diary

Faith's pregnancy is a mish-mash of mayhem and madness...from baby mamas, to side chicks, to near-miss affairs, to the most timely act of revenge ever...it all seems to be going down. How does it all end?

where is the love?

A story about one woman's desire for love...and reawakened desires.

iya beji

Isio is pregnant...with twins! She longs dearly to be a family with her Baby-Daddy, her childhood love, but things do not quite unfold how she wants, thus leading her on a roller-coaster journey of raised hopes and shattered dreams. Does she get her happy ever after?

you, me... them!

Molly and Marshall are the picture-perfect couple. Happily married for 21 years and upstanding members of their Church and society as a whole, life couldn't be better. Until when 2 teenage girls appear at their doorstep, products of Marshall's affair with another woman. Can their marriage, and their family as a whole, survive the betrayal and devastation that follows?

a love of convenience

Ezioma is finally marrying Dili...the man she has loved for almost all her life. Except it's not a real marriage, but one arranged to enable Dili get his Green Card. It all seems straightforward...except for the fact that Ezioma is still head over heels in love with him, while his heart is with his fiancée back home in Nigeria. It is a recipe for disaster...or is it?


Adanna, the haunting beauty married off to a man three times her senior. After enduring two decades of abuse, she and the rest of the household awaken to the murder of her husband, Chief Arinze Nsofor. With everything to gain with him being out of the picture, she is a key suspect. But also suspicious are his children, each of whom he has a strained relationship with...not to mention the other numerous people nursing deep grudges against him. In this tale of love, lust and revenge, the question remains; who killed Chief?

the sisters

Based on the ‘Confessions of Fat Girl’ series. The lighthearted memoirs of Ihunna, as she and her sisters navigate life through daddy issues, weight issues, money issues…and man issues. From side chicks, to love triangles, to baby mamas, to marriages of convenience, Ihunna seems to be in the middle of it all…whilst also dealing with life issues of her own.

jaiye jaiye

Jaiye is engaged to her high-school sweetheart, Yomi; a chubby, sweet-natured guy whom everyone loves. Even though she loves him, she finds herself agitated about being engaged at the age of 24. She suffers a severe meltdown as the wedding planning progresses, and finally ends the engagement, breaking Yomi's heart. She is finally as free as a bird and able to do all she really wants to do; return to school, travel the world and build a career. She is loving the single life. Until she turns 30…and suddenly, the single life doesn’t seem quite so appealing. After a chance encounter with a revamped Yomi, she begins to wonder if, maybe, she made the mistake of her life letting him go. Will she win back the love of her life? Or will she find love elsewhere?

the one!

Erinkan has met her soul mate, the man who ticks every single box she has. Handsome, smart and wealthy, the mystery Kay is everything she has ever prayed for. But in a cruel twist of fate, she loses his contact information and as she didn't give him hers, he has disappeared from her life just as quickly as he came into it. Determined not to give up, a manhunt begins for the man of her dreams. Until she meets Emeka, a man nothing like what she thinks she wants, making her question everything she has ever thought about love...and who could be THE ONE!

ginika's bridesmaids: ara

Ara is left heartbroken when her childhood sweetheart, Oye, leaves her for another woman. But she is unwilling to let go of the only man she has ever loved and is determined to do everything she can to get him back. When C.J, who is also having relationship problems with his girlfriend, comes up with the suggestion to pretend to be a couple, to get their exes jealous, Ara jumps at it gladly, both of them confident that this will be exactly the kick the people in their lives need to realise how much they love them. What begins as taking a few pictures for the 'gram soon becomes a journey of discovery for Ara; of herself and of the very true meaning of the word love.

ginika's bridesmaids: isioma

Isioma is left heartbroken when an encounter with the debonair Karibi Graham-Hart turns out to be a one-night stand. She spends the next couple of years trying to get over him, until life throws them back together again. But as they revive their relationship, it becomes clear that he is unwilling to let go of his past love or even fully commit to her. As she struggles with other major life issues, they both have to decide whether love is truly enough.

ginika's bridesmaids: ife

Beautiful, alluring and a lover of the good life, Ife has always used men to get what she wants. She has gained notoriety as the courtesan of a wealthy man and is satisfied with the luxuries that come with it. Having recently detangled herself from Olumide, her longtime lover who strung her along for years, she looks forward to living life on her own terms. Until her path crosses with Diekola, a charming widower who comes along and sweeps her off her feet. But as her heart starts to open to him, her reputation, and ensuing blackmail from the most likely of people, come in the way. Does a woman with a past like hers deserve to find love?

an unlikely kind of love

Tomiloju and Ikenna have been best friends since high school. Both academic high flyers, they’ve always had a lot in common and have stayed close without it ever getting romantic. In the years since graduation, they have remained there for each other through personal and professional turmoil. They are each other’s safety net, and as they head for their 20-Year High School Reunion, they are banking on each other for the support they both know they’ll need. They are inseparable the whole weekend...until a slip reveals things weren’t always only platonic for one of them, disrupting their dynamic of over two decades. Can their friendship survive it?

ginika’s bridesmaids: ozioma

Loud and gregarious, Ozioma has always been the life of the party. But just as passionately as she embraces the good life is how much she also longs for a husband. And finally, at 37, she meets Onochie. Handsome, rich and Igbo, he ticks every single box on her wish list. A wedding is imminent, and she couldn't be happier. But as family opposition rears its ugly head, unexplained sparks start to fly with her longtime best friend, Banji, who is the exact opposite of anything she has ever wanted in a husband...leaving her with the decision of whether to follow her head...or her heart.

ginika's bridesmaids: ginika

After being dumped by her longtime love, Muyiwa, Ginika rebounds with Dike who, though charming, charismatic, and desperately in love with her, is nothing like her intimidating ex. Ginika and Muyiwa soon reignite old flames, and not even getting married to Dike is enough to stop the former lovers. But over the years, as her feelings for her husband deepen, she decides to pull the plug on her affair with Muyiwa. But it's too late, as Dike finds out about the affair. With their marriage on the brink of collapse, she is determined to do anything to right her wrongs, fix her mistakes, and make things right with her man. But is it too late?

call me legachi

Convinced that distance is the reason her long-term relationship is failing, Legachi sets off to London on the Skyline scholarship, to reunite with her beloved Mezie. But things do not turn out the way she expects and not only does her relationship continue to go downhill when she gets there, she finds herself penniless and without reasonable accommodation. She is forced to juggle several jobs while at the same time doing everything she can to fix things with her man. But when she is hired by the handsome Doctor Roman, a single father desperate for decent childcare, it throws into question everything she thinks she feels for Mezie and everything she wants for her future. But alas, things are really never as they seem.

a complicated kind of love

She is on the rebound. After her short-lived reunion with her high school love implodes, Bioye is left devastated and doubts everything she thought was certain. He has sworn off love. Childhood trauma and a bad break up have made Abolore swear off love. A confirmed bachelor, his career has become his passion. But all that changes that fateful summer. Seeking solace after her broken engagement and desperate to get away from reminders of everything she has lost, Bioye volunteers at the Malomo High summer camp that her former teacher, Abolore, has organised. Neither of them sees the explosive romance coming. As their love affair blooms, a volcano of secrets and lies erupts, and former flames, political aspirations, and hidden insecurities threaten to unravel everything.

a betrayed kind of love

"Nobody finds their soulmate at sixteen." As teenagers, Alero and Bonju fall in love hard and fast, forming a bond that defies all the obstacles in their way. But things come crashing down and their relationship implodes, leaving Alero with a broken heart and a reputation in shreds. Twenty years later, still horribly betrayed, she is unable to be in the same space with him at their high school reunion. But when opportunity presents itself, she is blinded by the desire to strike back, to hurt and humiliate him just as badly as he did to her so many years before. But they soon discover that there is a thin line between revenge…and falling in love again.

the marriage class

One Class. Ten Couples. Ten Decisions. Abi and Raymond are engaged to be married and have started marriage class. It is an exciting step in their journey to the altar...if you discount Abi's cold feet and the resurfacing of her ex fiancé, her ex fiancé who is now married to someone else. Abi's heart is torn in two very different directions; the calm and steadfast love she has with Raymond, and the chaotic yet exciting passion she had with Lucas. And they are not the only couple struggling. In their fast-tracked marriage class, the nine other couples include a billionaire playboy reluctant to get married a third time, a couple engaged after a whirlwind romance and now struggling with the reality of getting to really know each other, a couple engaged after an almost two-decade long relationship, a couple engaged after a surprise and not-exactly-desired pregnancy, a couple who met on social media but now with differing views about just how much of their relationship should be for the 'gram and how much should be private, a groom fifteen years younger than his bride, and a bride marrying a man she has never met. By the end of the marriage class, all ten couples find themselves at crossroads, their relationships tethered by one very key question. Will they...or won't they?


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