Adewara Idowu

Idowu Adewara is a motivational enthusst. She is a book consultant and the founder of noble niche editorial and media. She graduated from kwara state university with a Bachelor's degree in English Language and also hold a diploma in News writing and presentation. Her overriding passion is to see people live as the best version of themselves. The author's other published work include: This hood called Adulthood

Books by Adewara Idowu

a-z motivation

Motivation is one of the key ingredients that helps us project life through a positive outlook. This book is a collection of motivation that is geared to serve as a optimistic catalyst to it's readers. For every letter of the alphabet, there is a word of motivation, affirmation and short prayer. The content of this book will give strength to it's readers and help them live as the best version of themselves.


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