Adewumi Magdalene

I am a passionate fashion and lifestyle blogger. When I am not busy writing, I am traveling to explore my environment, trying out new foods and experiences. I am a new author looking to write more books in the future from the wealth of knowledge that I gather over time.

Books by Adewumi Magdalene

abc guide to blogging

Love to write and want to make a side income? This book is for you. Are you struggling to make money from your blog? Search no more as this book is perfect for you. Do you want to start a career in blogging, this is book is perfect for just anyone no matter your reasons. ABC guide for blogging is a dummy guide for anyone looking to make money and kick-start their blogging career. This book breaks down the process to set up your blog for success. What you'll earn - How to start a blog effortlessly -How to boost your blog traffic and gain readers -How to create content and source for images for your website -How to bring in over $1000 monthly from blogging


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