Adewunmi Anifowoshe

Books by Adewunmi Anifowoshe

in the midst

In a world where human interaction is what is needed, a place where social activity is where you get to meet people and interact. But when the situation takes its turns and you are left all alone without seeing the world. Who do you turn to but God; who makes a way where there seems to be no way. Hannah felt so alone in her own world. All hope of meeting a friend was lost. The voice of “will it ever happen floods her mind”. The best decision is to trust God and do His will. Adam, an eligible bachelor out to serve the Lord trusting him to lead him, never knew love can be found in the most unexpected way.

lost voice in a foreign land

Standing in the sunny land of Nigeria, Eva watches the trees and the clouds. She is filled with excitement about the beautiful journey that lies ahead. She is about to embark on a journey to greener pastures, a land where she knows life’s awesome gifts awaited her. Clutching the gorgeous hat she has been told will bring her luck, she feels the comforting wind of this much talked about a foreign land. She feels like dancing as she burst into tears of joy in the realisation that she is finally standing on the land she has dreamt of for many years She basks in the joy of it all, absorbed in her world, oblivious to the crowd around her. Alas, her expectations are threatened to a halt even before the journey starts. She forges ahead regardless with hope and faith that one day all her desires will come to pass.


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